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Never been so confused after watching a trailer my goodness.

Oh there no comments that's exactly what I said when I saw there wasn't any comments.

When is this released in the UK?? I can't find any information about it being released in the UK :(.

Shorty got a new eye and don't know how to act

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Seru nih ada adegan ngewenya MOVIENIGHT NOVEMBER criminalité I had a hard time buying into the characters conviction which is what carries the story. It was also slow and at times boring with the storyline.. birthstone rings for november november topaz rings

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O filme é uma bosta. Não percam seu tempo

am I the only one that didnt understood shit about the plot?

This trailer is tying entirely too hard...and failing.

The before and after life when Bella becomes a vampire But the worst was the story. It was so damn weak. The biggest twist was also so bad.. Gave 5 for Chloe.. Isn't this movie based on an old book???? november birthstone necklaces november rain vinyl pandora birthstone earrings november

november birthstone bracelet hhmmm blake lively SC iNterNatioNal P i c t u r E s Beautiful woman!!! november birthstone presents november criminals release date november jordans INTENSE FOERTE River's Edge pandora earrings november I like the premise of the movie. At first glance, the concept is shallow. Blind girl gets her sight, and then abandons the person who was always there for her. But it's more than that. As a society, we tend to turn a literal blind eye those who are different. Like those who are blind, physically disabled, mentally disabled, etc. So much of the world and people's behavior is influenced by sight so of course it's going to change her outlook especially when she realizes others find her visually appealing. We'll see how the reviews come out..

I don't think I will See this.

I saw a movie similiar to this but it was a man who was blind got his site cheated on his wife and lost his sight again after begging his wife to take him back. Smh Love Chloe, the guy is pretty weak. His emotions on his face.. had nothing to do with the movie.


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the november criminals Director, cinematography ok.

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Okay, I agree with many of the criticisms posted on here, the plot is thin and unimaginative. But the acting is good- Ansel Eghorn is okay, the others are good. The cinematography is good, even the music is good if somewhat forgettable. A good Saturday afternoon watch, especially if you can pick it up free at the local library..

A movie about a girl who treats her husband like absolute garbage the second she has enough independence to do so. From the moment she can see again she becomes selfish, perverted, vapid and superficial. Immediately wants to change literally everything from her wardrobe to where they live and he gives it all to her.. when he finally had enough he switched her eye drops to plain water in a desperate, hail Mary attempt to make things go back to normal. Her response is to cheat and get knocked up by another guy who has been trying to fuck her for a while now.

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1st 30 minutes boring af ...I couldn't do anymore.

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You know the movie is shit when blake is the actress. 😪 Huge fan of Blake so I'm definitely going to see this So isn’t a rom Com? :( Just a Few Questions Interesting subject matter for a Blake Lively movie: no sharks or Travelling Pants.


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  • 1000 / 1000